New roof for
Tiyimiseleni Orphanage

On Wednesday 4th September 2013 the P&L Hardware (Numbi) truck uplifted the timber required for the roof structure of the newly erected Orphanage Building near Huntington in an area called Marbarhule, near the Kruger Park in Mpumalanga. This donation to the value of more than R25,000 was arranged and uplifted from White River Sawmill and delivered to the building site. The Orphanage called the “Tiyimiseleni Home Based Care Centre” at the moment cares for over 250 orphaned children on a part-time basis. The organisation has been in operation for just over six years and its main sponsor is the “Savannah Lodge” which provides essentially food and funds/donations in an effort to maintain the orphanage, as a community project.

In line with our new P and L Hardware logo “Build a Better Life” and in line with our commitment to the communities we serve, this donation has assisted the NGO who has established this facility, to put a roof over their heads for part of the day. The new structure (in picture) will be a new Kitchen and Study Hall, designed to accommodate the children from after school to have a meal and to be assisted with their homework. The children are looked after at night by the community in private homes, where they sleep at night.

Andre’s instruction was plain and simple…

”Get the roof structure onto site right now and don\’t be late…”!